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Ladies Watches
DSC00497 DSC00497
DSC00497 - US$65 Well designed curved jewelry watch with a light purple heart shaped stone at the tail tip.
DSC00500 DSC00500
DSC00500 - US$50 Square faced with CZ stones around its perimeter. Metal strap is in a butterfly shape.
DSC00502 DSC00502
DSC00502 - US$50 Elegant brand-like classy design with stones on every available space.
DSC00504 DSC00504
DSC00504 - US$50 Consists of combined shapes of squares, circles and triangles.
DSC00506 DSC00506
DSC00506 - US$65 A fancy watch that inherited its design from a DNA strand, a side plain white metal alloy and the other aligned CZ stones.
DSC00508 DSC00508
DSC00508 - US$70 Neat square faced with well arranged stones.
DSC00510 DSC00510
DSC00510 - US$50 Oval faced with eye-like design as strap.
DSC00512 DSC00512
DSC00512 - US$45 New fancy bronze watch, ball bearing like round faced with rotatable stone containing interior.
DSC00514 DSC00514
DSC00514 - US$50 New Fancy bronze watch, oriental princess design.